Terms & Conditions


To be able to buy through Tinyton2, you must be registered and validate yourself as a user. To do this, just fill out a simple form by entering the option New registration or clicking Here.


1. Bank transfer, the client will pay the total amount of the order, by bank transfer to the account of ING Direct: 1465 0100 99 1702275701 Reference tinyton-Jose Rubio Gonzalez, Sending us by e-mail, the proof of the transfer

2. Direct entry into our ING Direct account: 1465 0100 99 1702275701 Reference tinyton-Jose Rubio Gonzalez, sending us by e-mail, to clientes@tinyton2.es the proof of income


Shipments are usually delivered between 48-72 hours, depending on the time of placing the order, and the area in which our client is located (the delivery time may be less, but we do not commit). Currently, shipments are made by Envialia.

In case you want more information, do not hesitate to send an email to info@tinyton2.es where we will assist you with great pleasure.

TINTASTONER always offers its customers the best products for each brand, however, tintastoner is not responsible if the product is damaged or without its packaging. It will only be responsible in the event that the sold material does not work or is visibly damaged before opening it, in this case it must be stated on the delivery note to the delivery person, so that we can claim it accordingly.


The shipping rate for the whole peninsula, are € 4.90 plus VAT, In case the customer places an order exceeding € 50, the shipping will be free. As for possible discounts, the page itself will apply the corresponding discount, if any, automatically.


Each order is related to a specific IP address, they are usually not used for any specific function. However, we reserve the right to use them to take legal action against people who make false orders of material, without any intention of collecting or paying for it. In these situations, we will act by criminal means, under the legal framework established, and in collaboration with police forces to that effect, the appropriate measures will be taken to put an end to these fraudulent orders.


If you have any questions or complaints that may arise, please contact us by email at clientes@tinyton2.es since it is much more agile in this way, and is more controlled than the telephone. However, you can also contact the phone number listed on the main page on the front page.


In this company, we promise to give the best possible service, however, it may be possible that there is a breakage of stock of some material, usually does not last more than a couple of days. If you have any questions about your shipment, please contact the aforementioned email.

In case of delay in reception, often due to absences at home, or even to addresses taken wrongly by the delivery companies, it is best to send us an email consulting about the shipment, so we can access the data of the same and act as quickly as possible to resolve the situation.

Our goals are, to give the best possible service and above all our great objective is the TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, so that when you receive the product at your home, do not be assailed by the slightest doubt about the quality of the product purchased.


If you have any questions about any product purchased in Tinyton2 you can contact us to give you more information.

All our products are sent insured, verified and in perfect condition. In case of receiving any damaged product during transport, it must be indicated on the receipt to be signed by the carrier, and indicate this situation immediately by sending an email to clientes@tinyton2.es within a maximum period of 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the same. After this period, Tinyton2 and its insurer will not be responsible for leaving the product out of warranty, replacement or possible change.

We accept returns of our products provided they are in perfect condition, are not handled and have their original packaging. If the product does not meet any of these conditions, the return will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer at postage due. The maximum term to be able to make a return of a product is of 15 days from the reception of the same one. All returns must be made postage paid by the customer, in no case will be accepted returns postage due.

The products used by the customer and within the warranty period will apply the following conditions:

- A copy of the invoice or tick of the shipping costs must be attached to the technical service of Tinyton2. If the product is defective, these shipping costs will be paid to the customer.

- All material must be accompanied by its original packaging, indicating the order number to which the material refers, signed and a detailed description of the defect

- Products that show some symptom of bad or incorrect handling will not be covered by the guarantee.

- The material that is detected defective will be replaced by a new one and sent at no cost to the customer. If for reasons of force majeure we can not send you a new one, we will proceed to the refund of the amount of the defective product.

- The material that passes the tests of our technical service and its results contradict the description of its fault will be sent back to the client to freight collect and in NO EVENT WILL IT BE PAID.