How to buy

How to buy Cartridges on this website ....

Buy cartridges for your printer on this website is very simple. You can do it in these three ways:

  • For the model of your printer. Select your printer and you will get the cartridges compatible with your machine.
  • By the number of the cartridge. Some HP and Lexmark cartridges carry your number. You can enter in the search engine the brand and the number to find it quickly (Lexmark 16, HP 12A, HP 21 ...).
  • By the manufacturer's reference. You can enter the manufacturer's reference of the original cartridge. The cartridges of your printer will appear in the search result.
  • Following on the web the trace from the brand / type of cartridge / model etc. and in this way reach your cartridges.

Once you have found the desired cartridges you just have to select the number of units you want and press the buy button, follow the instructions on the page and complete the purchase.